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Analgesic Muscle and Joint Stick Recipe

Makes 200 grams - Approx. 14 x 0.5 oz

Jumbo Lip Balm Tubes

A convenient format for today’s active lifestyle! The Analgesic Muscle & Joint Stick utilizes a combination of natural vegetable oils with beeswax as a base for the cooling therapeutic Menthol Crystals plus soothing Muscle & Joint Essential Oils to do their work. The stick format allows the product to be thrown in a gym bag or carried to the job site to provide convenient and instant relief from nagging muscle aches and pains. Just rub the product into the affected area and continue with your activities. The convenient stick format keeps the product off your hands and allows for quick and effortless application.


         Part A
20%     Castor Oil                                              44 grams
18%     Sweet Almond Oil                                  41 grams
10%     Sunflower Oil                                         22 grams
8%      Menthol Crystals                                     18 grams
35%     Beeswax                                               &nbsp 84 grams

5%      Cocoa Butter                                         &nbsp 11 grams

Part B
3.5%   Muscle and Joint Essential Oil Blend       &nbsp 8 grams
0.5%   Vitamin E MTS-50                                  1 gram

1. In a pot on the stove heat Part A of the recipe on low-med heat, stirring until all solids are dissolved.
2. Once the solids are fully melted, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.
3. Once the product has cooled down somewhat but has not yet started to set up on the sides or surface, add ingredients of Part B.
4. Pour into Jumbo Lip Balm Tubes. This product may require a top-up pour to account for any cavities that form as the product cools and shrinks.

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