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Belly Balm for Mom Recipe

Makes 350 grams - Approx. 4 Bars

This ultra-moisturizing balm contains all-natural ingredients to soothe stretching skin. The high percentage of butters helps diminish the look of stretch marks while keeping the skin soft and supple.


         Part A
25%     Cocoa Butter                                           88 grams
20%     Shea Butter Refined                                  70 grams
16%     Beeswax                                                  56 grams
10%     Incroquat TMS-50                                     35 grams
10%     Mango Butter                                         &nbsp 35 grams

Part B
10%   Sunflower Oil                                           &nbsp 35 grams
3%   Coconut Oil Fractionated                               11 grams
2%   Castor Oil                                                     7 grams
2%   Vitamin E MTS-50                                           7 grams

5-10 drops Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil per bar to scent if desired

Be sure to research all contra-indications of Essential Oils as some are not advisable for use during pregnancy

1. Heat Part A of the recipe in a double boiler, stirring to ensure all solids are dissolved.
2. Once the solids are fully melted, add Part B to Part A, stirring frequently.
3. Once all ingredients are blended together and are starting to cool, add the essential or fragrance oil and pour into deodorant sticks or molds. You can use any plastic soap mold, or try our mini deodorant tubes or oval lip tubes for on-the-go!

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