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Carpet Deodorizing Powder

Makes one 6 oz. powder shaker


Such a simple recipe can go a long way in your home! It uses common household baking soda - well known for its deodorizing ability, as well as borax - a natural mineral compound, for its disinfecting qualities. Clary sage is used for its sweet scent and deodorant properties as well as marjoram for its complimentary warm aroma.



Part A:



1. Mix together all of the ingredients in a bowl to ensure that the scent is mixed throughout the product. After mixing, your can package the powder in a 6 oz White Aluminum Powder Shaker

To Use:

1. Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet or pet bedding. Leave the powder for several hours or as needed, and then vacuum the powder off.


Click Here for a PDF Copy of this Recipe


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