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Carpet Spot Remover


Makes four 4 oz. bottles 

This recipe makes a really great homemade spot remover to clean stains in your carpet. It uses Polysorbate 20 - a natural emulsifier
from coconut oil, d-Limonene - a natural solvent derived from citrus rinds, and our mild natural olive oil soap.

15%     Polysorbate 20    75 grams
15%     d-Limonene        75 grams
10%     Liquid Castile      50 grams
59.7%  Warm Water      297 grams
0.3%    Tinosan SDC        2 grams


1. Mix together all ingredients into a measuring cup and gently stir to mix.

2. Package in 4 oz. bottles with turret tops.

NOTE: Always do a spot test on your carpet before applying in full to ensure color fastness of your carpet.

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