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Daily Vitality Hair Conditioner Recipe

Daily Vitality Hair Conditioner
550 grams – Makes four 4 oz. bottles


A great daily conditioner with excellent detangling properties, moisturizing the hair and giving it a rich silky luster.


Part A
5% Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50 28 grams
3% Cetyl Alcohol 17 grams
2% Glycerin 99.5 USP 11 grams
4% Grapeseed Oil 22 grams


Part B
76% Water (Boiling Hot) 418 grams

Part C
6% Dimethicone 350 c.s. 33 grams
1% Silk Amino Acids 6 grams
1% Cromoist Hydrolized Oat Protein 6 grams
1% Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5 6 grams
1% Optiphen Plus Preservative 6 grams

Fragrance or Essential Oil to desired fragrance


1. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine all of Part A. Add Part B and stir to fully combine and ensure all of the Incroquat TMS-50 and Cetyl Alcohol Flakes are melted in. Add additional heating if required.

2. Continue stirring to ensure even cooling and emulsion. Once product drops below 45’ Celsius, add all of Part C, plus any fragrance oil or essential oil for scent. Stir to fully combine and make sure all ingredients are well dispersed.

3. Package into bottles. Final thickness will not be reached until fully cooled.
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