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Environmental Room Spray Recipe

480 gram batch – Makes four 4 oz bottles







A wonderful way to clear the air!

This recipe uses 0.5% natural Tinosan to not only preserve your spray, but to help kill the bacteria in the air causing bad odors. Choose your favorite essential oil to help make the room smell lovely - also great as a bathroom air freshener, and an anti-bacterial spray for smelly shoes, pet bedding, sports gear, garbage cans, or musty closets.
Part A


71.5%    Purified Water                     343 grams



25.0%    Denatured Alcohol                120 grams



  0.5%    Tinosan                                 3 grams






Part B


   2.0%    Polysorbate 20                     10 grams



 1.0%    Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil   5 grams





1. Measure out Part A into a measuring cup and stir to mix.
2. In a separate small container, mix together part B and stir to fully combine.
3. Add Part B to Part A, mix well to incorporate, then pour into aluminum or glass bottles with misting spray caps.





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