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Lushious Bubble Bars

Bubble Bar Recipe

Crumble these bubbling bath bars into your bath to fill your tub with wonderful fragrance, luxurious softness, and lovely bubbles. Use different colors and fragrances or essential oils in your bath bars to create the perfect bathing mood - whether relaxing or energizing.






1 cup Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
1 cup Lathanol Powdered Surfactant
1/3 cup Cream of Tartar
7 tbsp Amphosol Surfactant
3 tbsp Glycerin
1 tsp Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil
Liquid Labcolor (As desired)







Equipment Required:






Face mask



Stainless steel mixing bowl



Soap mold (optional)









  1. Wearing a facial mask to protect against inhaling the fine particles of Lathanol, gently combine all dry ingredients in a stainless steel or glass bowl. You may need to sift the dry ingredients to ensure there are no lumps.


  2. Add fragrance oil to the dry mix and carefully mix together. Try to avoid over-agitating the dry ingredients as they are very light and will easily become airborne. Lathanol can irritate air passages and should by handled in a well-ventilated area while wearing a mask for added protection.


  3. Add liquid ingredients slowly while kneading ingredients together with hands. Within a few minutes the mixture will begin to take on the consistency of dough. When the mass begins to hold together in your hand, you are ready to add color. Work fast as the mixture will become crumbly as it dries. Add drops of amphosol or glycerine if the dough needs to be moistened.
  4. Add colorant until the preferred color is reached.Keep in mind that your bubble bar will tint the resulting bubbles and potentially the tub!Pastel hues are preferred by most. Mix thoroughly until color is fully incorporated and no white spots are left. Set aside.


  5. To create a multicolored effect you can layer two different colors of "dough" into a loaf pan or you can combine both colors into a single mass for a streaked or marbled effect. Try rolling two sheets into a jellyroll swirl effect! However you choose to combine your "dough" be sure to firmly press the mixture into your choice of mold to help the finished product hold together as it dries.It may be helpful to powder your mold for easy release.


  6. After an hour, you may begin to remove your bubble bars from their molds for curing or to cut your bubble loaf (if you used a loaf pan or rolled the dough into a log). Once your bubble bars are ready, place on a lined cookie sheet and allow to further cure overnight.


  7. Once your bubble bars have hardened, after a week or two, package in an airtight container until use.



To Use:






Crumble a small amount of the bubble bar under the faucet while running a bath and watch the bubbles appear and multiply before your eyes!

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NOTE: All recipes are provided for the use of the customers of Voyageur Soap & Candle Company Ltd. Their electronic or print reproduction is strictly forbidden. All formulas and recipes have been formulated by Voyageur but we accept no liability as to their effectiveness or the success of the formulas when being made. It is essential that good manufacturing practices are followed in their use, and it is the responsibility of the user to meet the appropriate regulatory requirements of their jurisdiction in all matters. All formulas remain the property of Voyageur, and their reproduction or re-distribution is strictly forbidden without our written consent.


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