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Midnight in Paris Nail Polish Recipe

The Glamour Suspending Nail Polish Base is the perfect nail polish base for creating your own homemade Nail Polishes! This suspending base is designed so that glitter and pigments will suspend throughout the bottle rather then just sinking to the bottom. This nail polish is Vegan, Cruelty-Free and 10-Free making it perfect for making your DIY nail polishes.

This multifaceted purple polish glimmers with hints of blue, purple, and iridescence.

Ingredients to make 1 x 0.5 oz Bottle:
14 grams Glamour Suspending Nail Polish Base

6 x 0.15 cc Spoons Smoky Plum Mica

3 x 0.15 cc Spoons Lava Blue Eco Glitter
3 x 0.15 cc Spoons Purple Glitter
1 x 0.15 cc Spoons Iridescent Glitter

1.Simply mix the colorants into the glitter base with a stirring stick. Once mixed, pour the polish into nail polish bottles.

This beautiful polish was created by Nicole in our packaging department.

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