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Muscle Relief Balm Recipe

Muscle Relief Balm Recipe
With Therapeutic Essential Oils and Moisturizing Butters
400 grams

Make this homemade muscle relief balm recipe to work into sore fatigued muscles to relieve and relax them. Menthol and eucalyptus have a cooling effect, while arnica oil works as an anti-inflammatory.


Part A

24.0%           Beeswax Pastilles                             96 grams
22.0%           Cocoa Butter                                     88 grams
16.0%           Shea Nut Butter Refined                   64 grams
12.0%           Mango Butter                                     48 grams
  8.0%           Menthol Crystals                                32 grams
  6.0%           Sweet Almond Oil                              24 grams
  4.0%           Sunflower Oil                                     16 grams
  3.0%           Castor Oil Cosmetic                           12 grams
  2.0%           Arnica Oil                                             8 grams
  2.0%           Jojoba Oil Golden                                8 grams
Part B
1.0%             Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopherol            4 grams
2.0%             Muscle & Joint Essential Oil Blend       8 grams
1. In a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup, mix together all of Part A.
2. Heat in a microwave or double boiler until all solids are melted and product is completely liquid. Stir occasionally until it cools slightly.
3. Add all of Part B and stir to combine.
4. Package into stick containers, metal tins, glass salve jars, or cosmetic jars.   

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