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Natural Fruit & Vegetable Spray Wash Recipe

Makes four 250ml bottles with trigger sprayer

Our natural fruit and veggie wash recipe helps remove the water-resistant wax on your fruits and vegetables, as well as any surface pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, and dirt that may be remaining. Simply spray the natural cleaner on your produce, rub, and rinse with fresh water.

The citric acid solution used in the recipe lowers the pH and helps to break down wax and other surface contaminants. To make the citric acid solution, simply add 2 tbsp citric acid to ¼ cup warm water and dissolve. (Use our pH test strips to test the pH of any product you are making to ensure the highest quality and recipe accuracy.

1. In a large measuring cup mix together:

2. Then add citric acid solution, drops at a time, until the pH is lowered to 3.5 - 4

3. Then add and stir until dissolved:

4. Pour into 250ml Veral Bottles with Trigger Sprayer.


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