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Non-Petroleum Baby Jelly Recipe

Makes 500 grams

Non-petroleum Baby Jelly is a niche product that is gaining popularity amongst home formulators with small children. Essentially it utilizes an oil, in this case moisturizing Castor Oil, to which heated beeswax is whisked in to create a whipped jelly consistency. An easy to make and fun product, it provides a protective barrier to the skin which holds in moisture and helps to prevent chapping or irritation.

94%    Castor Oil                                                      470 grams
5%     Beeswax                                                        25 grams
1%     Vitamin E MTS-50 Antioxidant Blend                 &nbsp 5 grams

1. Melt the beeswax in a pot on the stove.
2. Heat the Castor Oil in the microwave to just above body temperature, then whisk in the Castor Oil and Vitamin E to the beeswax.
3. Take off the heat and whisk gently until the product cools into a jelly consistency.
3. Package into cosmetic jars or tottle bottles.

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