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Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Balm Recipe

Makes 300 grams

This super rich treatment balm is designed to help heal dry, cracked skin while protecting against the loss of moisture. Enriched with natural oils and vitamins, it is replenishes the nutrients that are lost in every day life.


Part A

28%   Shea Nut Butter                                         84 grams
27%   Beeswax Pastilles                                      81 grams
26%   Cocoa Butter                                             78 grams

Part B

6%   Sunflower Oil                                              18 grams
6%   Apricot Kernel Oil                                       18 grams
3%   Castor Oil                                                    9 grams
2%   Jojoba Oil                                                      6 grams
2%   Vitamin E MTS-50 Antioxidant Blend              6 grams
1. Heat Part A of the recipe in a double boiler or microwave until all solids are melted, stirring to blend everything together.
2. Add Part B, stirring frequently until the mixture goes cloudy, or is starting to set up.
3. Add essential oils if desired.

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