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Shimmering Eye Shadow

A simple recipe for a shimmering mineral eye shadow to give a sheer subtle shimmer to your eyelids. For darker, more dramatic color, just wet your cosmetic brush with water, and use theinside of the cap on your shadow container to wet a bit of the powder before applying. The shadow can also be used as an eyeliner using the same wetting technique. 

1/2 tsp. Sericite Mica
1/8 tsp. Mineral Makeup Base Powder
4 – .15 cc spoons of Silk Powder
Approx. 10-20 (more for darker color) .15cc spoons pigment/mica blend of your choice

1. In a small zip lock mix together Sericite, Mineral Makeup Base Powder, Silk Powder and your choice of pigment/mica color blend.
2. Close Zip lock bag and gently squish to combine fully. This will take some time to ensure all pigments have been evenly distributed throughout the other ingredients and no clumps remain. Once smooth and even, carefully spoon into a small container. Try a 10ml cosmetic jar with a recessed sifter.

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