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Whipped Argan & Mango Body Butter

This recipe has been a favorite from our Creams & Lotions class with its silky soft feel and luxurious texture. It also helps to protect and heal dry and chapped skin without an oily feeling on the skin after applying.

Makes 560 grams

         Part A
8% Ritamulse SCG Emulsifying Wax                 45 grams
3% Cetyl Alcohol                                            17 grams
5% Mango Butter                                           28 grams
3% Argan Oil                                                 17 grams
9% Apricot Kernel Oil                                      51 grams

5% Cocoa Butter                                            28 grams
2% Glycerin                                                   11 grams
5% Aloe Vera Extract                                      28 grams
1% Allantoin                                                    6 grams
2% Dimethicone                                             11 grams

Part B
53%   Boiling Water                                           297 grams

Part C
1%   Cromoist Oat Protein                                   5 grams
1% Geogard Preservative                                  5 grams

Part D 2% Dry-Flo                                           11 grams

1.  In a large mixing bowl weigh out all the ingredients of Part A.  Tip: Make sure you start getting your water boiling as you're measuring out the ingredients so that it will be ready to add when you're done!
2. Once your water has boiled, add Part B to Part A, mixing well.  
3. At this point you will need some extra heat because of the high percentage of solid ingredients, so either put the mixture into a double boiler or microwave for short bursts of time until all solids are melted and no chunks remain.
4. Continue to whisk fairly vigorously for a few minutes, you'll start to see the texture change to a creamy, pudding-like consistency.
5. Take the   temperature  of the butter, you want to make sure it is LESS than 45 degrees Celsius.  
6. Once it has cooled to below 45 degrees, pop it back on the scale and weigh out the ingredients of Part C directly into the cream.  If the butter is higher than 45 degrees it could damage the vitamins, proteins, and preservatives that we're adding at this stage. 
7. Whisk well, then weigh the components of Part D into the container.  Make sure to sprinkle the Dry-Flo in evenly instead of dumping it all in one area. 
8. Whisk very gently so as to avoid a cloud of powder in your face!  Mix well until no clumps are visible.  
9. Now the fun part!  Get out your electric hand mixer, hand blender, or table top stand mixer.  Tip: If you are using the same stick blender you use for soap, it should be washed very thoroughly before using!  Whip your butter using the blender of your choice.  What this does is create tiny air bubbles, lending a lighter skin feel to the cream and also increasing its volume.  Continue whipping it until you get the desired consistency, keeping in mind the more you whip it the fluffier it will be and the more jars you will need to hold it!
10. Packaging a cream or lotion can be a daunting.  How are you supposed to get a thick, viscous cream into a bottle with a tiny neck?  Tip: We have found the easiest way when working with a lotion is to use a ziplock bag; just scoop the lotion into the bag, snip the corner and pipe the lotion into the bottle like you would icing on a cake.  This butter is a little easier to work with because it's so heavy, we just scooped it into the jars with a spoon.
This butter is perfect for summertime for so many reasons: many ladies agree shaving their legs becomes a must in summer and this butter is great for dry, razor-burned legs; for after getting home from camping and your skin seems to have turned to sandpaper; and after sun burns have healed it's wonderful for restoring lost moisture and protecting damaged skin.  We hope you like this formula as much as we do! 

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