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Zinc Ointment Recipe

Makes 500 grams

Medicated creams like this Zinc Oxide cream are designed to form a protective barrier while imparting intensive conditioning properties to the skin. Used on infants to treat diaper rash, urine rashes, and irritated skin, they are also widely used by adults for treating everything from chafed skin to skin abrasions.

The formula is designed to be an intense heavy cream, with the zinc oxide added at the end while the product is still liquid, at a percentage (in this case 18%) by weight of the total volume of the formula.


         Part A
8%     Polawax                                           40 grams
4%     Stearic Acid                                      20 grams
3%     Glycerin 99.5%                                  15 grams
2%     Coconut Oil Fractionated                    10 grams
9%     Castor Oil Cosmetic                          &nbsp 45 grams
1%     Calendula Oil                                     5 grams

Part B
72%   Boiling Water                                    360 grams

Part C
0.6%   Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopherol Blend      3 grams
0.4%   Germall Plus Preservative                    2 grams
Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil to scent if desired

                                                     Total   500 grams
Part D
18% by Weight    Zinc Oxide                          90 grams

1. Weigh all ingredients in Part A in a suitable plastic bowl.
2. Pour Part B, the boiling water, into Part A. This should completely liquify the solids, stir gently to fully mix.
3. Allow to cool, stirring gently. When the cream reaches the temperature of just warm to the touch, stir in Part C.
4. At this stage you will begin to incorporate Part D, the Zinc Oxide. Do not dump the powder in as this will cause lumps, shake the powder in slowly and stir well to mix throughout the cream.
5. Package into cosmetic jars.

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