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  • Labcolors are a very reliable, color fast system, which are blends of F,D&C (food, drug, and cosmetic) and D&C colors that are very stable in both high and low pH products. They work great in cold process soap (high pH), melt & pour soap, creams & lotions, cleansers, and bath products. 
  • Labcolors are very concentrated, so you can add the undiluted Labcolor Concentrate to your cold process soap by drops at a time until desired shade is achieved, or premix each 10ml concentrate bottle with 250ml of water to create a full bottle of liquid colorant. We also offer pre-diluted Labcolors for ease of use.
  • Available colors include Aqua, Blue Mix, Brilliant Blue, Canary Yellow, Emerald, Fuchsia, Lime, Melon Red, Orange, Peach, Red and Royal Purple.

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