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You can use a wide range of natural herbs, spices, clays, and cosmetic colorants when making your own soap.
Voyageur offers a wide range of 
so you can make your soap the perfect color.

Coloring Soaps

Herbs & Spices:

When using herbs and spices to color your soap, the color of the ingredient will not necessarily create the same color in your finished soap. The saponifcation process can make herbs and spices change color, and flower petals will tend to brown.

The intensity and darkness of the color will also depend on the amount used. Start by adding a tsp of herbs or spices to a bit of water and then adding it to your batch of soap at a light trace.

Here are some commonly used botanicals in soap making, and the colors they make.

Botanical Colorant:
Beet Root Powder Earth brownish soap
Bladderwrack Gray-green soap
Burdock Root Warm brown soap
Cayenne Pepper Salmon colored soap
Chickweed Herb
Rich green soap
Cinnamon Ground Caramel to brown speckled
Comfrey Leaf
Sage green soap
Curry Powder Madras Yellow soap
Dulse Powder Choice Green soap
Elder Berries Caramel brown soap
Henna Blonde Powder Light brown soap
Henna Black Powder Green soap
Henna Red Powder Sage green soap
Kelp Powder Atlantic Gray-green soap
Neem Leaf
Textured deep brown soap
Nettle Leaf
Lime green soap
Salmon speckled soap
Speckled pink & tan soap
Stevia Leaf Powder
Yellow-green soap
Spirulina Powder Green-yellow soap
Turmeric Ground Peach-orange soap
Walnut Hulls
Yellow & brown speckled soap


Clays are a beautiful way to naturally color your soaps while also adding skin care benefits. A rounded tsp. per 4 lb. batch of soap will generally give the soap a nice color.

We add the clay to a tbsp of water to make a slurry first, then add the slurry to the soap at a light trace. Continue to whisk or stick-blend the soap to distribute the clay evenly with no lumps or streaks.

Australian Pink Clay Dusty pink
French Red Clay
Brick red
French Yellow Clay
Mustard yellow
French Green Clay
Light grey-green
Bentonite Clay
Pale grey

Pigments, Oxides, Ultramarines, Neon Powders & Micas

Commercial colorants such as Ultramarines, Chromium Greens, Iron Oxides, Neon Powders and many of our Micas will give your soaps beautiful colors in varying shades depending on the amount that you add to your batch.

To use these colorants in your soap, simply make a concentrate by mixing together 1 tsp. of colorant with 1 tbsp. water, then add the liquid bit by bit when your soap is at a light trace, continuing to mix until you reach your desired color and trace level.


Voyageur Soap and Candle has spent the past 27 years providing soap crafters and soap manufacturers in the United States and Internationally with the soap oils, soap colorants, soap fragrances and essential oils needed by them to make and market a diverse range of bar soap and liquid soap products.  If you have any questions please use our online chat or contact us by email.  We are always happy to help.

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