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Here at Voyageur Soap and Candle we are dedicated to providing the most information possible about the products we carry. Here is a list of the ingredients commonly found in creams or lotions and their descriptions.


Emulsifiers are one of the most important components of a cream or lotion. Their function is to bind the oils and water together to create a product that slides over the skin and is easily absorbed. The following are the most frequently used emulsifiers:


Humectants are ingredients that draw moisture out of the air and to the skin and also prevent the moisture from being lost. Here are some of the most popular humectants used in skin care:


Skin Care Oils

Skin Care Oils are one of the most important components to a lotion. Your choice of oils used will hugely affect the composition of the formula. A high percentage of oils in the formula will cause the end product to be very moisturizing, taking a long time to penetrate the skin and leaving a lasting layer on the skin. It is important to choose oils that balance the formula, making sure there is not an abundance of oils that are too heavy, or alternatively, oils that are too light and ending up with a cream or lotion that does not provide the skin with enough moisture. 


Floral Hydrosols are natural distillations of botanicals and plants. Collected during the distillation of essential oils, hydrosols are actually the pure condensation that form during the steaming process. They do have therapeutic value, although much less than essential oils, and are a wonderful replacement for water in creams and lotions.

Vitamins and Proteins

Vitamins and proteins are a very important component in skin care. The skin absorbs all nutrients and needs vitamins and proteins to help retain moisture and elasticity, and contribute to a bright and even overall skin tone and appearance.

Specialty Oils

Specialty oils are oils that are contain high amounts of essential fatty acids, vitams, Gamma Linoleic Acids or anti-oxidants among other traits. Each oil will have different properties, it is best to research them individually to see if it is a fit for your product. It is important to balance your formula by using a mixture of carrier oils and specialty oils to ensure that the product is cost effective for you (and your customers if selling your product). 


Preservatives are very important for protecting yourself and your customers from harmful bacteria. The preservative chosen should have broad-spectrum coverage against bacteria, fungi, and yeast growth. Here at Voyageur we offer several choices for preservatives for every crafter's needs.

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