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Over the years, bath and body products have evolved from being basic everyday essentials used for the simple task of getting clean to an entire industry devoted to specialty products and services that cater to your every skincare need. Here at Voyageur Soap & Candle we are dedicated to being one of the premier resources for skin care recipes, information, and how-to's for creams and lotionsbath productssoaphaircare products, and more!

People have been making their own body care products for years, but the last decade has seen increased consumer awareness of the ingredients contained in today's commercial products and with that the interest in making ones own products has grown. Making your own bath, or body products is an enjoyable experience that allows you to individualize and create products with ingredients of your choosing.

Voyageur Soap and Candle has become one of the largest suppliers of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry in the United States and Internationally specializing in supplying formulators and small manufacturers with a wide selection of ingredients and packaging.  We do not have minimum orders and offer the sizes necessary for home crafters, formulators and cosmetic and personal care manufacturers to economically work on product development and small batch manufacturing.  With thousands of ingredients and packaging options to choose from we carry both natural and specialty synthetic ingredients for making cosmetics, skin care products, bath products and hair care products.

Take a look at our Recipe section for excellent ideas on body care formulas and more!

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