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Rhassoul & Atlantic Kelp Foot Mask

Makes 1 x 4 oz. Bail Jar
Rhassoul & Atlantic Kelp Foot Mask
Our Rhassoul & Atlantic Kelp Foot Mask is the perfect choice all year round for whenever your feet are feeling tough, dry or unloved! When you are in the mood for indulgent pampering, this fantastic mask can be applied to your feet and left on, or if you are in a hurry it can also be used as a scrub! This recipe is made with Rhassoul Clay which is an exquisite, spa quality clay found in Eastern Morocco that is known to help rejuvenate, detoxify and tone the skin, thereby reducing skin dryness, while the Atlantic Kelp Powder is naturally high in antioxidants such as flavonoids and alkaloids, as well as Vitamin C. Additionally, this recipe features Pumice and Coarse Sea Salt to provide the scrub-like texture, as well as Citric Acid to help soften callouses.
      1. Measure out the five dry ingredients you will need for this recipe.
Rhassoul & Atlantic Kelp Foot Mask
      2. Place the ingredients into a mixing bowl and then stir the ingredients together until they are fully blended.
Rhassoul & Atlantic Kelp Foot Mask
      3. Scoop the mixed powder into a 4 oz Bail Jar or similar sized container for storage until you are ready to use it.


How to Use:
  • To use your finished foot mask, remove the quantity of the powder you would like to use, and then slowly stir in warm water until it develops into a fluffy, spreadable paste.
  • Then, you can massage the paste into your feet and either use it as a scrub where you will wash it off immediately, or let it sit and dry as a mask before rinsing off.
  • Avoid using this foot mask if you have open skin, as it could potentially sting.

Click Here for a PDF Copy of this Recipe


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