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Shea & Aloe Sugar Scrub Recipe

Makes 320 grams

This ultra conditioning body scrub helps remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. To use, just scoop a small amount into the hands and gently massage onto the skin for a minute or so. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


Part A

25%   Shea Nut Butter                                        80 grams
17%   Aloe Butter                                               54 grams
14%   Avocado Oil                                              45 grams
8%   Macadamia Nut Oil                                       26 grams

Part B

35%   Raw Sugar                                         112 grams
1%   Vitamin E MTS-50 Antioxidant Blend              3 grams
1. Measure out Part A into a microwave safe container or double boiler. Heat until all solids are melted, mixing thoroughly.
2. Allow time for cool-down (about an hour or so), stirring occasionally until the mixture starts to set up.
3. Stir in sugar, vitamin E, and any essential oils if desired.
4. Continue stirring until a thick, buttery consistency is achieved.
5. Package into plastic cosmetic jars.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The shea butter in this recipe takes a very long time to set up. We recommend leaving it for at least a few hours until it is white and creamy in appearance, then stir it well to ensure the sugar is evenly distributed before packaging.

  • Try coloring your scrub with micas or ultramarines!
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